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Virtual Conference Best Practices to Elevate Your Production Quality

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While there are still many uncertainties on the horizon, most event professionals agree that virtual events and conferences have distinct advantages over in-person events. 

For some, virtual events are merely a backup plan if meeting in person is not possible. Others are planning for a hybrid approach right from the outset, not least because it means a wider reach. And yet others are choosing to stick to a virtual-only format. Even setting aside social distancing requirements and travel restrictions, there are logistical, economic, and environmental benefits to virtual events. 

The upshot? Virtual conference engagement is here to stay. With that said, there is a steep learning curve for virtual event planners who may be inexperienced with the format.

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9 Tips for Designing In-Person Events

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Don’t Ignore Logistics

While it’s great to focus on exciting content and experiences, it will all come to nought if the basics are overlooked. “Everything is about logistics,” said Raasted.  “In the end, if you have 50 people who need to get to another room, they all need to go through the same door. The food doesn’t get served by magic.”

Joan Eisenstodt added that logistics are more critical than ever, particularly when it comes to scheduling sessions and breaks. She noted that staffing shortages and room cleaning protocols have complicated the issue of how many sessions to offer and much time to allow between them.

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In-Person vs. Virtual vs. Hybrid: How to Choose Your Event Format in 2022

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Slowly, we have adjusted to the new normal brought by COVID, and so have our events and social gatherings. The past two years have shown that, with technology and planning, we can keep corporate engines running. Virtual events took over, reaching thousands of people worldwide. But as society begins to ease back into pre-COVID norms, event planners and corporations face a problem – do we return to physical events or go entirely virtual? It’s an important question that we’re prepared to help you answer.

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